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Shotgun Training Rounds

Frangible Shotgun Training Rounds
BTI Frangible Shotgun Training Rounds are specifically designed for use with the BTI Shotgun Hinge Breaching Door and the original Shotgun Breaching Door.

These rounds offer increased safety when shotgun breaching training. When used properly, all of the material in the round disintegrates on impact and eliminates virtually all splash-back and ricochet.

Rounds are packed 12 to a box, 90 boxes to a master case.

  • 12 ga. Steel Frangible Shotgun Rounds
  • F.T.R.-1 Grey Cap, 2-3/4", 375 Grain
  • To be used in 21 inch or shorter cylinder bore barrels only
  • Slug material: Powdered Steel
  • Velocity: 1,200 feet per second – 18 inch barrel
  • Use: BTI Training Doors ONLY!
  • Defeats: BTI simulated hinges and locks
Shotgun Hinge Door

Shotgun Door