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Thursday November 26, 2015
  • THE ONLY Breaching Doors that can provide you with REAL LIFE TRAINING and a 1,500 BREACH WARRANTY!
  • Cut breaching costs by up to 400%!
  • Increase efficiency by up to 800%!

Breaching Doors

Ram Doors

BTI Ram Doors
Also available
Renforced Ram
Pry Doors

BTI Pry Doors
Outward Opening
Shotgun Doors

BTI Shotgun Doors
Also available
Standard Shotgun
(Lock Side Breach)
Explosive Doors

BTI Explosive Doors
Also available
Lock Explosive
Saloon Explosive
Burglar Bar Door

Works With
Other BTI Doors
Hydraulic Door

BTI Hydraulic Doors
Stand Not Shown
Reverse Opening Doors

BTI Pry Doors
Doors available
Ram Door
Pry Door
Shotgun Door
Explosive Door
Dual Swing Doors

BTI Ram Doors
Doors available
Dual Swing Ram
Dual Swing Pry
Dual Swing Shotgun
Dual Swing Explosive
Free Standing Leg Kit

The optional Free Standing Leg Kit allows the door to be placed and anchored as desired.